Jonathan Hadipranata|ジョナサン・ハディプラナタ

個展「Rhythm and Repetition」

October 12 – 22, 2023

11:00am~7:00pm(Last day ~5:00pm)

MEDEL GALLERY SHUでは、2023年10月12日より22日まで、ジョナサン・ハディプラナタ個展「Rhythm and Repetition」を開催いたします。


本展のタイトル「Rhythm and Repetition」は、私たちの社会的な問題が繰り返される日常性を意味しています。



MEDEL GALLERY SHU is thrilled to unveil “Rhythm and Repetition,” a captivating solo exhibition by the talented Indonesian artist, Jonathan Hadipranata. Running from October 12 to 22, 2023, this exhibition marks a significant milestone in Jonathan’s artistic journey, building on the success of his debut solo show at our gallery in 2021. Since then, his work has garnered international acclaim, cementing his status as a thought-provoking artist.

Jonathan’s thought-provoking collection draws the viewer into a world where figures, both young boys and girls, are depicted with their mouths concealed by tape. Despite this restraint, their eyes convey a dispassionate and penetrating gaze into the depths of our society. The title of this exhibition, “Rhythm and Repetition,” serves as a powerful metaphor for the recurring patterns that characterize our societal challenges.

The recurrent motif in Jonathan’s watercolor drawings involves the depiction of the Boy and Girl, distinguished primarily by their varying hair colors. This choice of visual symbolism reflects the notion that, while we may be diverse as individuals and as a society, we are bound by the cyclical nature of human existence. It is a stark reminder that we often find ourselves facing similar predicaments in life, generation after generation.

In addition to the captivating Boy and Girl series, Jonathan introduces a compelling new body of work: “The Mailbox Series.” These mailboxes serve as a compelling representation of the everyday inundation of information that inundates our societies. They symbolize distant societies to which we may have no direct affiliation but nonetheless hold opinions about. Seemingly trivial, yet deeply interconnected, these mailboxes embody the complexity of our interconnected world.

In an era of rapid technological advancement and information overload, we are confronted daily with a deluge of news and opinions from a multitude of sources. We are constantly challenged to discern the truth, determine the “right” perspective, and ascertain our own stance. The Mailbox Series invites us to contemplate the endless cycle of information consumption that keeps us perpetually reevaluating our beliefs, all while navigating the complex web of interconnected societies.

“Rhythm and Repetition” is not merely an exhibition; it is a profound reflection on the enduring rhythms of our lives and the ever-repeating patterns of societal issues. Jonathan Hadipranata’s work encourages us to pause, introspect, and consider the interconnectedness of our world—a world in which we are both observers and participants, constantly entangled in the rhythms of society’s heartbeat. We invite you to immerse yourself in this thought-provoking exhibition and join us in exploring the profound messages conveyed through Jonathan’s artistry.

和田宙土|Hiroto Wada Profile

Jonathan Hadipranata|ジョナサン・ハディプラナタ


The concept of my painting itself arises from my view of society, in which we are often unable to say what we want or express our true individuality, be it for the worse or better. I believe each of us had the experience of sacrificing a part of our individuality to fit in society. Symbolized through taped mouths, I wanted to capture the irony of those moments.